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The R&D team for Innosurg Medical has 15 years of experience in development and design for the medical industry. Innosurg has also led or participated in developing medical device products for well know companies such as B. Braun, Conmed, Medline, Cory, and Unimax.

Our self-developed cases are as shown below:

 Medical Protection: eye mask, face mask.

Minimally Invasive Device: 12 kinds of Trocar with different functions and models, 3 kinds of Endoscopic Retriever, 2 kinds of Veress needle, 3 kinds of Irrigators , 4 kinds of  Electrocautery Hook, 5 kinds of Electrocautery Clamp, 5 kinds of Electrocautery Scissors,  2 kinds of Air Filter, 2 kinds of Scalpels, etc.

Customer Made: Medical Warm Sleeve, Medical Sample Collector, Touriquet, etc.

Components for Medical Device: Housing for Knee Arthroplasty Sensor, Handle forAirway Remodeling platform, etc.

Following the requirements of EN ISO13485:2012 since the beginning of our establishment we also obtained the DNV GL certification in 2016. Also, the CE certification for trocars (developed by Innosurg). Other products developed by Innosurg such as laparoscopic surgery equipment (endoscopic retriever, flusher, aerated filter, etc.), defecation device, skin anastomat and drainage tube/bag will constantly join the CE certification list.  Innosurg fully complies with the requirements of relevant national legislation and policies and ensure that all the products meet with the international standards and medical industry standards.


Innosurg always focuses on the quality of our products! Our quality control team is lead by senior employees involved in medical industry quality management for over 10 years. Quality control is equipped with biochemistry and physics laboratories to do validation and testing for microorganism, sterility and physical performances of products and components. The environment of clean workshops, laboratories, workers personal hygiene, and the state of equipment are monitored and controlled periodically in accordance with regulations. 

IQC IPQC FQC OQC QE QA are set to ensure the parts are inspected and controlled by QC during different stages of the process. Once purchased parts enter factory, they will be inspected in accordance with IQC and AQL. During the productive process, manufacturing procedure, semi-finish products and related activities are inspected periodically in accordance with IPQC in order to ensure the process meets with the requirements of SOP and SIP. According to the Internal Control Procedure, once there are problems, they will be handled effectively in time by QE and R&D using QC methods and PDCA procedure. The appearance/performance of finished products will be 100% inspected by FQC, and the products will be checked by OQC before being shipped out. All quality activities are kept in records to form quality reports.


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